Healing Covid Using Mother Nature Alone

Baseline Temperature

The first thing I did was take my temperature for a baseline: 97.7, which is normal for me. Then I familiarized myself with the most common symptoms associated with Covid. Recalling back to the earliest cases in which many people needed to go on a ventilator, my takeaway was that people's airways weren't being protected, meaning the virus quickly overpowered their lungs' capacity to breathe on their own.

Protecting My Airway

Knowing I have terrible allergies (all airborne) and that I have asthma (which I've been controlling with cannabis for the last six years), I had to be swift to ensure the virus didn't get stuck in my sinuses or my lungs, the latter of which leads to pneumonia. As a child, I had numerous bouts of tonsillitis and bronchitis, and I have had walking pneumonia twice in my life, so my concerns are not without merit. I believed if I could prevent the virus from settling in my sinuses and lungs, I had a shot of beating this thing, so I threw the kitchen sink at it.

I tested my temperature hourly for the first day. It never got above 99, which is closer to 100 for normal people because my normal is 97.7. I then took some elderberry, which I do at the first sign of any illness and I haven't had a cold or the flu last longer than 24 hours in 10 years. I repeated the elderberry every four hours.

Unfortunately 10 years ago when my husband and I had the flu, we didn't know anything about elderberry or natural remedies. We took acetaminophen because this was recommended by the Mayo Clinic to reduce fever. Today I know that while a high fever is dangerous and can even be fatal, a little fever is good because it means your body is fighting an infection and it's best to allow your body to fight it.

Elderberry is one of the few treatments that both Western medicine and natural healers agree about. Elderberry is highly effective at minimizing the symptoms and severity of viruses. It is extremely well-tolerated and it's safe. It turns out, that elderberry also improves HDL (the so-called good cholesterol) and it reduces liver inflammation.

Mother Nature produces over 28,000 medicinal plants to treat both chronic and acute illness. Prior to Big Pharma, we all healed ourselves with plant medicine. I had to believe with just a modicum of research, I could fight this virus. I told my husband I'd only consider Big Pharma if I got worse.

There's a Tea for That

Next, I got busy drinking. I made three mixtures, and I alternated them every hour. The first one I mixed with eight ounces of room temperature water. I gargled and then drank it. The second two are teas I made from either the plants from my farm or leaves. Most of these have anti-inflammatory properties and all of them also provide antioxidant properties.

  • Garlic, pink salt and honey
  • Ginger, turmeric, lemon and stinging nettles from my farm, plus leaves of licorice, Milk thistle, peppermint, Mullein and dandelion
  • Ashwagandha and Chamomile

I also drank over a gallon of water a day. Water is amazing at flushing toxins out of our system. I drank it hot, cold and at room temperature, depending on what my body told me it needed.

What We're Deficient In

Although my husband and I aren't on any medications, we do take a number of supplements and vitamins, including B12 (we're vegetarians), 3,000 mg of C (our acerola tree went down in Hurricane Maria and we're waiting for the new one to start fruiting), 55 mcg of D3 and 45,000 mcg of K2. We both increased our Vitamin C intake to 10,000 mg daily. We kept up this pace for five days and then dropped back down to baseline. Although he continued to be asymptomatic, as I fought Covid, I wanted him to continue resisting Covid. Anything we don't use, our bodies will discard, but it's not possible to overdose on Vitamin C or other vitamins. Our bodies are supremely more efficient than we realize.

Soup Always Does a Body Good

I made a pot of soup consisting of onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, carrots, broccoli, herbs and vegetable broth. I suspended intermittent fasting for the week. I figured it if I gained weight, that's fine because being ill is not the time to skimp on calories or more importantly, any nutrition. Lastly, I cut up a red onion and put it in the bedroom.

I have been eating more than I normally do to keep up my strength, but not varying my meals. For breakfast and lunch I have been eating the same thing: a bagel with vegan cream cheese and pink salt on one side and on the other, almond butter and cinnamon sprinkled on top. The bread can help my stomach in case the combination of things is too much on my historically sensitive stomach. The almond butter is for protein and the cinnamon is another anti-inflammatory. For dinner, I add greens and tomatoes from the farm to complement the soup.

By the end of day two, I was feeling significantly better and my temperature went back to 97.7. I could feel the virus move from my head to my throat to my lungs and eventually through my intestines, where it left in a most violent manner. Once it was out of my intestines, I was confident I was done with it.

Despite feeling great after 36 hours, I continued the protocol another two days to ensure I got everything out of my system, just in case it decided to make a comeback. It never did.

I have shared this protocol with a dozen or so people and all have said they believe the cut the severity and length of Covid, which is measurable compared to those in their life who didn't use a similar protocol and remained sick for a week or two ... as did my neighbor. Two weeks later, she said she wished she'd listened to me.

Good luck!

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