Puerto Rico

Rest in Peace Marcos Ratliff

Under the house of a family who was renting from our friend Olga lived a dog who was chained up. He was a skinny yellow Labrador. Over a six-month period we saw this guy go from healthy and who used every inch of his long chain to roam the space under the house to just giving…
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A Day in the Life of This Transplanted Utuadaño

What do: Los rotos (giant potholes) Road closure of the main road from my house to the town of Utuado A detour down an alternate road Me unable to back up the hill to allow a car to pass because I have zero depth perception The starter in my car dying Three men—one a client…
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Héctor’s Gonna Do What Héctor’s Gonna Do!

Twice daily we go hiking. Although many might assume because we work for ourselves that we don’t keep to a schedule, we are actually ruled by routine. Our day always starts out the same. The three roosters remind us why we no longer need an alarm clock. The time varies but they generally start the…
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