I have had a love affair with books since my parents taught me to read when I was three years old. Although my first published book happened in 2015 (the anthology I co-authored called Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide), the first book I really wrote was when I was in the fourth grade. It was a coming-of-age story about a young girl growing up in New York City. A little autobiographical for certain.

Whether I'm ghostwriting a book for someone, editing and publishing a book or writing my own, it's a love affair I will never give up.


I have ghostwritten more than 15 books. Above are the two I am most proud of:

Off the Grid in Belize: published in 2012, it's a 275-page (8.5 x 11, not 6 x 9) guide for Americans who want to move out of the U.S. and live in Belize, but completely off the grid. I provide tips for everything from relocation, Visa process, sustainable agriculture, worshipping in a new country, alternatives to electricity and more.

Staying Elevated: This is Me Then and Now is about the cannabis industry's youngest African American man to own a dispensary. It is forthcoming.

Editing and Publishing

I have edited and published several books. These are my favorites:

The Emerging Woman The Nice Girlz Guide to Living Unapologetically is by first-time author, Carmen Renè. It was published in 2020.

The two children's books by Kathy Webb Penrod are adorable stories that teach us lessons about life.

Escape From Liberty is a fictional story about a slave rebellion by first-time author Elan Gregory.

Black Women Manifesting Greatness: The Detroit Public Schools Anthology is a work in progress, written by first-time author Toshalyn Erve. It is expected to be published in the summer of 2023.

Bleach on Colored Clothes is the harrowing true story of first-time author Joretta King. You can see the book trailer here.

My Own Books

I am the co-author of Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide and the author of Sarah's Tips for Preparedness: Minimizing the Impact of a Natural Disaster. Both are available on Amazon.