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When your mission is to do your part to advance humanity or to make the world a better place, you’re probably finding that there’s more to do than there are hours in the day. Your to-do list keeps growing.

For you to do work that matters and see your vision meet its true potential, it’s pretty hard to tackle everything alone. If you try to move mountains by yourself or without enough help, you may not be making the impact you could. You may even lose sight of your vision.
But when you have the right systems in place, the sky’s the limit. That’s where the OBM and executive assistant services of Mo’ Betta Digital come in.

How Can An Executive Assistant Help You?

Once a company starts taking off (be it a solopreneur, the head of a Fortune 500 company and every scenario between the two extremes), it's natural to need the help that an assistant can provide. From protecting your time and keeping you organized to being your eyes and ears, booking travel, managing your expenses and even setting up personal appointments, each relationship between a boss and their EA is as unique as there are people in the world.

I may have a lot of experience, but I approach each new client as a blank sheet of paper. Why? Because no two boss/EA relationships is the same. But there are some time-honored attributes most bosses need in an assistant:

  • Flexibility/open mindedness
  • Discretion
  • Organization
  • Technologically savvy (and interest in learning new technology)
  • Communication
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Can-do attitude
  • Willingness to challenge oneself

Although most clients/bosses can determine how best to utilize an assistant, understanding the role of an online business manager might be a little murky.

What is an OBM?

Most business owners know how to utilize an executive assistant but may not know how to work with an OBM. An online business manager is a strategic partner who can tackle the tasks that are weighing you down. Whatever unique needs your business has, an OBM can be there to help you meet your goals and improve your processes. If you find that technical or administrative tasks are taking too much of your time, they can be outsourced to an OBM.

Tasks that can be handled by an OBM include:

Project management. Projects can be planned and managed to completion. This may include creating and organizing systems, designing and documenting more streamlined processes, assisting in event planning, managing budgets, researching software and more.

Marketing management. An OBM can help create and execute a digital marketing plan, which may include a variety of tasks such as setting up automated email systems, metrics tracking and improving your social media presence.

Client management. Responding to clients or prospects can be very time-consuming. An OBM can answer calls, take messages, respond to emails and improve the relationships you have with your clients.

People management. If you need help with managing contractors or employees, delegating tasks, interviewing applicants or training new hires, an OBM can simplify the process or completely take charge with all aspects of people management.

An OBM has the experience needed to manage all aspects of your business from projects to people to metrics. If your business isn’t making the headway it should or if processes need improvement or if you recognize you just need another set of hands, it’s time to consider hiring an OBM.

Why Choose Mo’ Betta Digital's Services?

There are many good reasons to trust your executive assistant and/or online business management to Mo’ Betta Digital. With more than 20 years of experience in both corporate and freelance roles, I have plenty to offer your company such as:

  • A record of success in designing effective strategies and prioritizing competing tasks
  • Extensive experience in project management and productivity tools
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Skilled in writing (content marketing, bylines and ghostwriting), editing and proofreading
  • Management expertise in many aspects of business management including team management, social media management, money management and client systems management
  • Skilled in implementing effective processes, creating SOPs, setting up systems and attaining quantifiable results
  • Genuinely interested in learning more about your company and how I can help meet the unique needs of your business
  • Comfortable working with people of all ethnicities, religions, cultures, sexual orientations and genders
  • Highly discreet and diplomatic

My mission is to work with purpose-driven businesses because I understand the importance of the contribution you’re trying to make to the world. What you’re doing matters. I want to help you make your mission and vision reality.

Don’t keep struggling to prioritize systems and tasks or take time away from the things that you need to work on personally in your human-focused business. Whether you need help with making decisions, becoming more strategic, delegating tasks or taking items off your to-do list, reach out to Mo’Betta Digital today and let’s talk about how I can help.

Summary of Experience

  • 20 years corporate experience in editing, marketing, project management and executive assistance
  • 10 years freelance experience in writing, editing and online business management
  • 6 years experience book editing and publishing
  • Ghostwriter of 15 books
  • Author of two books


  • Writing (content marketing, bylines and ghostwriting)
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Project management
  • Website development
  • Expense reports
  • Calendaring
  • Organization
  • Booking speaking engagements and podcasts
  • Preparing clients for public speaking
  • Pitching publications for articles
  • Creating SOPs
  • Newsletters
  • Travel: booking for one person or a group
  • Type 90+ WPM
  • Social media marketing
  • Research
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • All project management & productivity tools
  • Microsoft Office suite, including Teams
  • Google Drive/Suite
  • Newsletters
  • All CRMs
  • WordPress (including CSS and some HTML)
  • Canva/ Adobe Creative Suite
  • All social media management platforms


  • Proactive/self-starter
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator
  • Highly discreet and diplomatic
  • Can work independently and on a team
  • Am comfortable working with all races, cultures, religions, genders and sexual orientations


Available upon request

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