Part of what makes writers' jobs easier is knowing we can reach out to sources for articles. Because the majority of what I write are reported pieces (in which I interview at least one person), I rely heavily on relationship-building and networking, and why I never hesitate when I'm asked to be interviewed for a podcast or an article. Here are a few of the podcasts and articles I've been interviewed for.

If you would like to interview me, please reach out.


In April 2023, I was interviewed by B.C. Wehman and Dustin Kava for their podcast, Because Cannabis. We talked about the powerful medicinal benefits, social equity, the legacy market and the chickens on my farm that kept inserting themselves into the discussion. (Click on the thumbnail to be taken to the YouTube podcast.)

I was interviewed by Canadian cannabis journalist Jessica McKeil for my thoughts about cannabis suppositories for Cannabis & Tech Today.

Cannabis-Suppositories copy

Danielle Simone Brand LeMond interviewed me for this piece for Newsreview.

Is MSO a Dirty Word? Maybe It's Time to Change Our Vocabulary by Cara Wiestock for GreenState

Meet the People Trading Their Anti-Anxiety Meds in for Cannabis by Ashley Laderer for Medium

Sex: I Want It by Melinda Misuraca for Project CBD

Can CBD Make Sex Better? by Joni Sweet for Healthline

Travel Continues to Frustrate and Pain Medical Cannabis Patients by Andrew Ward for High Times


In May 2018 I published Sarah's Tips for Preparedness: Minimizing the Impact of a Natural Disaster, based on my husband's and my experience preparing for a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Maria. JPMorgan interviewed me for an article about How to Keep Your Business Afloat After a Disaster.

Sustainable Agriculture

In 2008, my husband and I left the corporate world (culminating with Big Pharma company Amgen in Southern California) and moved to Puerto Rico to buy a farm. We've had mostly ups, but when the downs come, oh do they come big!

The York Dispatch (York, PA) interviewed my husband and me about the farm we spent years cultivating that was destroyed in just a few hours by Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico transplants: Farming a new sense of identity after Maria

In June 2020, my husband and I were interviewed for Suit & Artist about agriculture.


In August 2022, I was interviewed for Endocrin Web about my experience having half my thyroid removed.

 Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide


Interview with Edie Weinstein, talk show host with Vivid Life.

Book review in Huffington Post 

Interview with Alex Barnett: stand-up comic and host of the Multiracial Family Man weekly podcast.

Bellesprit did a cover story on me

My co-author for Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide, Bryony Sutherland, and I were part of a panel on Mixed Race Identity and Gender Politics at the Mixed Remixed festival in 2016.

What's in a Personality?

Truity dot com: An ENFP Escapes the Cubicle for an Organic Farm (And—Sort of By Accident—the Writing Career She’s Always Dreamed Of)